The Current State of FLTCIP: the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

An April 2018 audit show that the LTCI contract was John Hancock was unsustainable

 A recent audit of the FLTCIP, published in April 2018 and conducted the previous May, shed new light on the true group insurance plan for Federal employees, retirees, and their family members. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reached two conclusions: OPM is complying with federal regulations regarding administering their portion of the LTC insurance contract, and that there is no apparent contingency plan in place should funding incoming benefit claims reach unsustainable levels. Before raising premiums an average of 83% in 2016, OPM tried to auction a new contract, but the only bid to come forth was from the company already in place, John Hancock. OIG stresses several times in the report that due to the uncertain marketplace for long-term care insurance, OPM may want to instill some sort of plan in place should the program financially implode. The response to this, however, is one of disagreement. OPM asserts that any such changes to the FLTCIP would have to be enacted by Congress, but hinted there were active considerations about future fundamental changes to the products offered by the program.

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The Current State of FLTCIP