Dependent Care FSA

Dan Sipe and Ed Zurndorfer finish the year highlighting some important topics surrounding Dependent Care FSAs, different types of taxable and non-taxable conversions, and more information to help you end your year financially stable. 

FEDLIFE PODCAST: Ep. 65: Understanding How the Dependent Care FSA Can Work for You and More…

Understanding what is available to you as a federal employee for different benefits and tax breaks can be overwhelming, and finding the information you need can be time-consuming. 

That’s why Serving Those Who Serve is all about making this information easy to understand and readily available to all of our listeners — and this year-end episode is no different! 

Dan and Ed discuss:

  • The two different types of Dependent Care FSAs
  • Who qualifies for dependent care and what are qualifying expenses 
  • The 2021 bump to the Dependent Care Tax Credit and other recent congress changes 
  • Why December is a good time to do a Roth Conversion
  • What types of conversions are taxable, and which ones aren’t 
  • Reasons to not push yourself into a high overall marginal tax bracket 
  • No more Roth Conversion do-overs and what that means for your accounts 
  • Required minimum distributions before starting Medicare 
  • And more!

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Dependent Care FSA

Dependent Care FSA Podcast