Cyber Workforce

Look inside the recently unveiled Cyber Workforce Dashboard that will help collect and organize data on the government’s employees in cyber fields.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been developing a new dashboard that will eventually be available on the agency’s data product page – which is where you can currently find FedScope, a tool that focuses on demographic data for the entire federal workforce. The new dashboard in development will be separate from FedScope and display information related only to the workers specifically filling some role in the “cyber” field. Users will have the capability to compare demographic data between cyber-specific employees and the whole federal workforce. Comparisons between the cyber workforce and the general US population will not be possible with the new support tool.

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The cyber-specific dashboard arrives as OPM is also developing a Cyber Team that will work rotate employees across multiple agencies. Although originally scheduled to go live between January and March on this year, there is no official release date at the moment. Privacy concerns are at the root of the presumed delay. OPM is working with the Office of the National Cyber Director and the Office of Management and Budget, collectively determining which data sets will made public. Earlier versions of the dashboard contained demographic data such as race/ethnicity, veteran status, and disability information, but these data points were removed because, in combination with FedScope data, it would’ve been possible to identify specific individuals working at certain agencies. The three main fields to remain are age, gender, and education. However, OPM notes the education data might only reflect the information available at the time of a fed’s hire and not any subsequent degrees that may have been attained after joining the government’s civil service. The dashboard will as well display hiring and separation status – including whether separation was by retirement or otherwise.

On January 24th, during a webinar presented by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, OPM walked attendees through a demonstration of the new dashboard. Hypothetical figures were used instead of the actual data, which will be provided by EHRI-SDM (Enterprise Human Resources Integration – Statistical Data Market). There will also be an agency-specific version of the new tool, giving each federal agency a granulated view of their organization’s employee information.

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Cyber Workforce

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