Navy Cyber Commander

                Vice Admiral Timothy White, who has commanded the Navy’s strategic cyber fleet in a publicly quiet fashion, will be retiring this year. The announcement came via the US Navy’s twitter about a month after the naval command published its five-year plan this July. Vice Admiral Ross Myers will take over as the commander of the Navy’s 10th fleet, which is the digital component of the military branch’s strategic command. Replacing Myers as the deputy commander will be Lieutenant General Charles Moore, who previously worked as the naval command’s director of operations.

                Other details that were provided in the strategic outline include the creation of tactical cyber teams and the announcement of the cyber command’s new role with the US Space Command. The Fleet Cyber Command will be responsible for assembling the tactical groups, which will then serve commanders of other Naval fleets. The Fleet Cyber Command was also revealed to now be the sole component of the Navy’s involvement in the Department of Defense’s US Space Command, which is different than the newly established Military branch, the Space Force. The US Space Force is currently responsible for training personnel for combat in space while the Space Command handles the strategic insight for protecting American interests in space. Then, to make things more confusing, there’s the US Cyber Command, which is comprised of team members from all of the military branches… except the Space Force. The new Cyber Commander previously worked as the director of plans and policy at Cyber Command before becoming second-in-command of the naval cyber fleet.

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Navy Cyber Commander

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