Police in Florida have warned about scammers, who pretend to be employees of the Federal Government, calling Pensacola residents. The identified tactic entails telling the targeted person that they either owe money to the government or that their computer has been hacked by a malicious entity. The idea is that the con-artists want passwords to access sensitive information such as bank accounts. According to the report, the callers threaten the victim with jail time if they don’t pay, but only accept payments through gift cards. There are innumerable red flags associated with this scheme, but it highlights the ignorance of both the scammers and the scammed. Obviously, no federal employee would call to inform a citizen of a bill due or possible jail time, and they certainly wouldn’t be asking for payments exclusively through gift cards. (I’m pretty sure the US Government accepts US currency…) Nonetheless, the case is a reminder that there are predators like this out there and they tend to target the elderly- such as retirement homes in Florida.

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Pensacola Scam