A new decade is upon us. From all of us at Serving Those Who Serve:

Happy New Year!

Here’s a quick glance at important information for Federal Employees in 2020:

2020 COLA

For Social Security Recipients, FERS annuitants, & CSRS annuitants: 1.6%

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2020 Pay Raise

General Scale Pay Increase:                2.6%

                        w/ locality pay:            3.1%

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Military Pay Increase:                         3.1%

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2020 TSP Contributions

2020 Maximum:               $19,500

Catch-Up Amount:          $6,500

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-Also in 2020:

The Lifecycle “L” Funds will be separated by 5-year increments instead of 10. The L-2020 fund will mesh with the L-Income Fund and the following Funds will be added: L-2025, L-2035, L-2045, L-2055, & L-2060.

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Starting in October, Federal employees will be able to utilize Paid Family Leave!

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Also beginning this October, new employees will automatically start contributing 5% to receive the maximum match from the Government.

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Here’s to having a Great 2020!

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