Unlike FEGLI, the open season for FEHB is an annual event. Federal employees are allowed to change their healthcare plans during this time. It could be adjusted for reasons involving cost, age, change in family or lifestyle, or a serious medical event that has caused a need for more health insurance. Whatever the reason, even if one is daunted by the array of choices and variables, at least a glance at your current healthcare situation should be taken amidst FEHB Open Season. OPM publicly suggests that Federal workers should examine their health insurance because an annual average of 20-30% of feds could get more value- either via cost or coverage- by switching plans. Despite this, the average fraction of those who switch is only 6% of current FEHB enrollees. A crucial aspect to inspect is how much your premium will increase because OPM announced that the average premium hike was 4% for healthcare plans, 5.2% for dental plans, and 1.5% for vision plans.

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Did you know GEHA is offering “Fee-For-Service” Plans for the first time in 30 years?


Have you looked into an HSA or an HCFSA?

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FEHB Open Season 2019