Federal Government Braces for Another Shutdown This Friday

After Longest US Shutdown- Are We Approaching Another One?

Yet another Government Shutdown looms- a headline I’ve been typing since the blog began back in 2016. With history’s longest such stoppage still fresh in the rear-view mirror, the prevalence of a budgetary standstill threatens another closure of the Federal Government. Resorting to a resolution that will fund the government until September 30th seems the most likely outcome, but these are far from predictable times. Just before the last shutdown in December, the general consensus amongst the press was that the President was going to sign a similar measure that would’ve kept the federal government running until February 8th. Abruptly, such was no longer the case and a tumultuous several weeks ensued at the expense of several thousand furloughed employees. This Friday, February 15th is when the next work stoppage would be triggered if the current legislators don’t resolve the impasse involving funding for a wall at the country’s southern border.

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