There are three numbers to keep in mind when trying to determine what the 2020 raise for federal workers will be: 2.6%, 3.1%, and 3.6%. The President proposed a wage adjustment of 2.6% that would give workers in designated localities (such as Washington, DC) 3.1%. The House of Representatives still has a say in the matter, according to Federal News Network, as they could approve a 3.1% increase across the board, which would then leave those with locality pay at 3.6%. Pro-fed advocates are pushing for 3.6% for all feds, but this is viewed as unlikely. The consensus seems to agree at least 2.6% can be expected. 

For those thinking about retiring, attending a federal benefits seminar or meeting with a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC) is a great way to learn how your saved annual leave is impacted by the annual raise percentage, and whether it makes sense to retire before or after December 31, 2019.

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2020 Raise For Federal Employees